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Writing a Type of Dissertation

If I were in a situation where I had to write a dissertation, I would certainly search for dissertation templates online, buy one from a reputable vendor, and use that template as the basis for my dissertation. In fact, I might buy more than one dissertation template online if I were under time and financial constraints. The question is, why buy a dissertation template? Why not just do it yourself? There are many good reasons to do this.

First of all, by buying one from a credible source like a university or an organization like the AADA (Association of College Dental Adformers), you will be assured that the template is accurate and will provide all the support you need to make your dissertation papers conform to certain formatting standards. (The American Psychological Association even has a guidebook on how to write a perfect dissertation.) Another reason to buy a template is that, since most of them come in MS Word or PDF format, you won't have to convert your dissertation into a text file. You can do it in your own language, which means you'll save time and money.

If you're a wordy type, you don't want to use a word processor that doesn't have a.pdf as a default format. Some professors insist on using a proprietary format, which some students find inconvenient. On the other hand, it's usually easier to convert your dissertation into a text format anyway, so this isn't a big loss. You can also save money by setting up to buy a textbook in its converted state.

There are downsides to buying one, however. It may seem like a good idea at first, but it can actually cost you money! Even if you have to buy a new computer or buy a ton of textbooks, the price of a bundle at the college bookstore can be significant. Keep in mind, too, that once you buy one, there's no way to return it. So if the professor needs a section, he or she may request you to write that section separately.

Another option for those with an academic bent is turning your dissertation into an assignment. This can be a great way to earn some extra money, especially if you can turn in a quality assignment in three or four months. If you've written your dissertation paper and are now looking for ways to sell it, consider offering to complete an assignment for a fee. Your dissertation committee may approve this arrangement, as long as you submit it as a final project. This can be a very effective way to earn some cash, especially if your committee members know that you aren't afraid of writing.

If you're already in the field, your dissertation committee may have given you specific formatting instructions. Before turning in your dissertation, make sure you understand these recommendations and follow them carefully. For example, never use fonts or special font sizes or properties, as this will break the formatting, which could cause mistakes and make it difficult to read the dissertation.

Don't be afraid to ask questions either. Every dissertation has some small, yet important detail that needs to be filled in. Sometimes a student has a question about a certain aspect of the data or presentation and is having difficulty finding an answer online. By asking your own questions, you can better prepare yourself for finishing your dissertation and earning your Ph.D. degree.

As mentioned above, there are many different styles for writing a dissertation, but if you have questions about any type of dissertation proposal, no matter how complex, your dissertation committee will have plenty of answers for you. The committee will want to see that you have done thorough research and that you are knowledgeable about your topic. A well-written, professionally delivered dissertation demonstrates your expertise, so don't hesitate to show you are proud of your work. With this knowledge, and some research on your side, writing a type of dissertation might not seem as intimidating as it did on your first visit to the dissertation committee!

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